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Giveaway Time!

Yes! For your winning pleasure I am giving away eight, count them eight, Turtle keychains! But! These are special keychains, each one has a magnet in its widdle face so you can smoosh them together and they kiss. It’s exactly as cute as it sounds. Of course, like any event the giveaway will have some rules!

  1. There will be 4 winners selected; each winner will receive two Turtles.
  2. The first place winner will get first pick of turtles, and it will descend from there until all Turtles are given away.
  3. Winners must respond with their selection of Turtles within 48 hours of being contacted, if they do not respond, I will draw a new name.
  4. Have your ask box open, that’s how I’ll contact you to tell you that you’ve won.
  5. Please do not enter yourself and then for some reason refuse to give me your address. I can’t just throw the Turtles out my window and hope you come along and grab them. It’s too cold out there for lonely Turtles.
  6. will ship internationally for this! However, if you live far away and I don’t have the money, I will either ask you to chip some in for shipping, or wait on sending them until I can afford it.
  7. United States participants will not have to pay for shipping.
  8. You can reblog this as much as you would like; however please be mindful of your followers and don’t spam them.
  9. No giveaway blogs.
  10. Likes will count! You can of course like only once.
  11. You do not have to be following me, but if you win and I see that you are, you will receive something extra with your Turtles.

Now! For the most fun part! If this post sees over fifty notes, I will add another two Turtles to the giveaway. If it breaks a hundred, I will add four. If it somehow gets past a hundred notes, I’ll think of a suitable amount to add from there. The giveaway will end on February the 28th. Likes and reblogs after that date will not count.

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